St Michael's Parish, bell Park. Incorporating the churches of Holy Family Bell Park, Ss Peter & Paul Geelong West and Holy Spirit Manifold Heights

Confirmation Program

We are delighted to be with parents in this stage of their child’s faith journey. To assist them, we have developed a program that will give insight into the challenge and privilege of being part of the worshipping church, particularly for one who is Confirmed.

The focus of the program is threefold:

  • Firstly we acknowledge and wish to honour the important role that parents have in helping nurture their child’s faith. To that end, there will be a number of sessions of input for you and your child.
  • Secondly, Confirmation is about a commitment to being part of the wider faith community and witnessing to the presence of Christ in our lives. Eucharist nourishes us in this endeavour. To that end, the expectation will be that you and your child will attend a number of Masses as part of the preparation process.
  • In order that the children will feel comfortable with the ritual of the sacrament and their part in it, we have a full day session before the celebration of the sacrament to share knowledge and understanding of Confirmation and have a rehearsal of the celebration.

Course Fee: $80.00

Please contact Bernadette Bilogrevic on 5278 1343 for any enquires.

The Confirmation Program for 2018 has been completed. The program dates for 2019 will be published when available.